ArtOfTrip is the best way to participate in an organized tour. The ArtOfTrip app will provide you with the necessary support on the go.
Using the ArtOfTrip application you can:
Be everywhere on time and miss nothing
A detailed plan of the tour or excursion is always on your phone.
Application generated alerts and reminders will tell you about the next event.
You will always be aware of changes.
Information about past or future tours is stored in the application.
Keep in touch
Group chat with tour organizer, guide and the other participants.
The ability to report your location if you are left behind (the “I’m lost!” Button)
Ability to view a list of tour participants.
Get the support of the organizers and the group on all tour related issues.
Keep all documents handy
Route plan, hotel reservations, tickets, travel agent agreement, medical insurance, passport copy, etc. - all the necessary documents will always be on your device and available offline.
How to use ArtOfTrip.
First, your guide, travel agent, tour operator or travel organizer must add you to the list of tour participants. If you are the tour organizer you must first register on the website and create your own tour, then add all the tour participants.
Step 1
Download the application and register.
In order to register you will need to enter your mobile phone number. The password will arrive to your email. Very Important: Do this before you go on a tour!
Step 2
Meet the group members (GROUP tab)
List of tour participants in the GROUP tab. If you are lost or left behind the group, click the “More” button and select the “I’m lost” option. The team leader and other members will receive your location. This will make finding you easier and faster!
Step 3
Keep in touch (CHAT tab)
You can chat with the group members and the guide. All reminders on upcoming events will be received in the chat with a notification sound.
Step 4
Stay on top of the tour program.
Full description of the tour program. A detailed description of the days and events of the tour.
With ArtOfTrip, you will always feel
the support of the tour organizers.
Start using right now!